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How an Email List can Help Grow Your Business

An email list can be one of the most important assets to any business. The vast majority of Americans frequently use email and the proportion has been continuously been growing since its inception in 1972.

Email lists are painless to set up, and there are many companies that offer services to help organize and send emails to a large audience. Once the email software is ready, all that is left to do is to create a form for customers to enter their email into and then you will be able to send emails to any customers that fill out the form. Some websites that are commonly used for their email marketing options are Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign.

Having an email list adds a great deal of value to your business as it allows you to communicate with a large number of customers and send them promotions, dates for events, coupons, new products, and just about anything that your heart desires. However, when used incorrectly email marketing can give a business a bad reputation.

One mistake commonly made by companies using email marketing is sending too many emails. People are always offered the option to unsubscribe from a mailing list, so it is important to keep them satisfied. Sending multiple emails per day or sending emails that are not interesting or important will greatly increase the likelihood of customers unsubscribing.

It is important to send emails only when the information or offering is valuable to the customer. For example, if an initial product launch didn’t receive much traction from email marketing, it could be a mistake to repeatedly send follow up emails. These can be annoying and give customers a reason to unsubscribe.

Messages that are valuable can include things like “buy one, get one free,” or “buy a ____ within the next three days for a chance to win free ___ for a year.” Additionally, if your business just added a new product that customers will likely be very excited about, it is a good idea to promote that. If offerings like those are not feasible then umeider setting a maximum price for a giveaway and offering a gift card for that amount.

It is important to make consistent contact with customers, but overuse of email marketing can have adverse effects on your ability to do so. Try to shoot for 1-4 emails per week containing only the most important information. In today’s digital world there are many ways to communicate with customers, so it is important not to overutilize or ignore any of the options. When used in conjunction with social media posts and advertisements, an email list can allow you to rapidly increase awareness and purchase intentions for your brand.

One problem that companies often face when it comes to email marketing is struggling to grow their email list. This can be accomplished by driving traffic to a landing page with an email form, having a form to fill out on Facebook, or having parts of your website accessible only when customers enter their email.

If you would like to begin using an email list but are unsure of how to do so, I will delve deeper into a tutorial in a later post. If you would prefer to meet with me to learn how I can help you, click the button below and fill out my meeting questionnaire. At our meeting I will bring a FREE all-encompassing recommendation for you and your business for you to do with as you please. Click below to take the first steps in improving the marketing of your business.

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