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Top 4 Universal Tips for Marketing Your Business

Marketing is constantly evolving, and many companies find themselves lagging behind when it comes to modern marketing practices. That is why I have compiled a list of four universal tips to help improve any business.

1) Consistent Social Media Presence

Facebook has more than 2.3 billion users globally. Instagram has 1 billion. Twitter has 330 million. Recent statistics show that one third of the Earth's growing population of 7.7 billion uses social media. This offers businesses an unprecedented ability to connect with their customers. Consistently posting engaging and meaningful content attracts followers and creates a loyal customer base.

Does this mean you need to post three times per day on every social media platform? Of course not! One post per day on Facebook and Instagram and maybe a dozen per week on twitter is plenty to provide your customers with meaningful content that allows them to engage with your brand. Even GoPro, a brand based entirely on posting new and exciting content, posts just twice per day on Instagram.

Posting regularly is important, but posting meaningful and engaging content is possibly even more vital. For example, videos receive more engagement (views, likes, shares, etc) than images. Additionally, having a caption that engages the reader can be massively helpful.

2) Optimized Website

77% of all households in America have an internet subscription. This means that most Americans are using the internet regularly. Because of the popularity of internet use, merely having a website doesn't give your business a competitive advantage anymore. Several key factors are pivotal in having a good website:

Clear Call-to-Action
A clear call to action makes it easier for visitors to find what they came to your website. For example, if you own a roofing company your call-to-action could be a button that says "Get your FREE Estimate." This button should be centrally located and of a noticeable size so that it attracts attention.

Modern Look
Website design trends are ever-changing, and it is important to keep up with recent trends. When consumers see an ancient-looking website their initial reaction is to think that the company that owns it is ancient as well. Just as it is important to adapt your business to the current environment, it is important to adapt your website for the changing times.

Functional on Both Computers and Phones
Many Gen Y and Gen Z consumers do the majority of their web-browsing on a smart-phone. This fact is often overlooked by website designers, and can be a critical mistake. If a potential customer comes to your website on their phone and is met by a glitchy and poorly-adapted version of your website it doesn't matter if you've done everything else right. If your website doesn't work on the device they are using, the customer will turn to your nearest competitor with a website that does.

3) Email List

76% of all Americans use email on a frequent basis, and that number is growing larger every day. Email allows people to communicate with work, family, friends, and you guessed it- companies. Email lists are very simple to set up and to use and they allow you to communicate with a select group of loyal customers about promotions, deals, new products, and anything that they might find important. Email lists are relevant for company, and are a huge missed opportunity for businesses without one.

While advertisements are effective due to their reach, email marketing gains its advantage by only reaching the people who signed up for the email list. Advertisements are used to reach both potential and existing customers but often have a lot of wasted coverage due to the fact that not everybody wants to buy from the same company. On the other hand, email lists only target the people who know of your business enough to sign up, knowing that you will be contacting them regularly. This ability to communicate only with people who are interested in your company is difficult to find in just about any other form of digital communication, making an email list essential for every company

4) Google Business Listing

On the Google search bar, type "restaurants near me." One of the first things that will show up is a map with companies listed below it. These business listings allow local people to find businesses easily, and without one your business is at a massive disadvantage. It is completely free to verify your business listing, and I will explain the whole process in a later blog post.

In your business listing, customers can find a link to your website, reviews, hours, directions to your business, and just about any other information they may need. This is much faster and easier than search engine optimization (SEO) as your company will automatically be added to the list of local businesses which is much shorter than the long list of search results that you would otherwise have to work your way to the top of.

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