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Obsolete Marketing Methods

Telemarketing and door-to-door sales were considered extremely effective at one point. However, they have since become nearly obsolete. This obsolescence can be attributed to many factors but there is one that sticks out in particular:

People don’t want to be bothered at home.

While it’s easy to say that scams and poor products ruined those sales methods, it ultimately comes down to people’s desire to be unbothered at home. Most people do not want to have people knocking at their door and disturbing their family time. Or calling them and offering them potentially sketchy financial services over the phone. Customers generally know what they want, and if they have a need, they will try to find how to satisfy it.

Paying for sales reps to cold call customers or go door-to-door ultimately becomes paying people to get hung up on and have doors shut in their face. It’s demeaning and generally a waste of time. So why do companies still do it?

Because the companies using them don’t know how to do it a better way. There are dozens of ways to spend marketing dollars more effectively than with telemarketing and door-to-door sales. To name a few, Facebook ads, Google AdWords, and Email marketing. Not to mention the non-digital mediums such as magazines, newspapers, and billboards. Any one of those can be used more effectively than door-to-door sales.

As the world becomes more and more digital, it is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to find ways to pivot their marketing activities accordingly. A simple sales funnel or email campaign can reach many more people with far less time or money than any non-digital medium. A billboard is arguably in front of more people, but it misses out on one key detail. Attention.

Without attention, consumers won’t even process what they have seen, much less remember it in the future. That is why advertisements directly in something that somebody reads every day (Facebook or email) is extremely powerful when trying to attract customers. And on top of the attention, there is no risk of hang-ups or having doors shut in the face of salespeople.

I posted a list of four things that any business can use to improve their digital presence in an earlier blog post, along with many other ideas within my blog section. Digital marketing is not intrusive, or overpowering, or even approaching obsolescence. Simply running a Facebook ad with an enticing offer and a simple landing page is enough to rapidly increase a business’s consumer base if done correctly. And with a cost of just tens of dollars to reach thousands of people, it seems like a no-brainer.

As it is a relatively new concept, digital marketing can seem intimidating to implement in a business. But Seven1 exists to make the transition seamless, simple, and effective. To schedule a meeting and learn how we can help your business, click the button below, fill out a short survey, and schedule a time for a FREE meeting. At the meeting we will cover your current marketing efforts, discuss Seven1’s recommendation for your business, and determine what the best course of action would be. To take action now in improving your business, click below!

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