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The Importance of Consistent Social Media Presence

Facebook has more than 2.3 billion users globally. Instagram has 1 billion. Twitter has 330 million. Recent statistics show that one third of the Earth's growing population of 7.7 billion uses social media. This offers businesses an unprecedented ability to connect with their customers. Consistently posting engaging and meaningful content attracts followers and creates a loyal customer base.

Does this mean you need to post three times per day on every social media platform? Of course not! One post per day on Facebook and Instagram and maybe a dozen per week on twitter is plenty to provide your customers with meaningful content that allows them to engage with your brand. Even GoPro, a brand based entirely on posting new and exciting content, posts just twice per day on Instagram.

Posting regularly is important, but posting meaningful and engaging content is possibly even more vital. For example, videos receive more engagement (views, likes, shares, etc) than images. Additionally, having a caption that engages the reader can be massively helpful.

What to Post

Not every post is a good post. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your posts it is important to remember a few key things. First, it is important to connect with your customers. Showing customers using your products, reposting their content, and using testimonials are just a few great ways to do this.

Additionally, every post should have a caption. Captions can be funny, informative, persuasive or a combination of multiple things, but it is important that every post have some sort of caption to grab the viewer's attention.

While posting every day is a great start, your content needs to be engaging and high-quality. This means that your photos should be taken with a reasonably good camera, and your videos need to have relatively good audio quality. Low quality images or videos can detract from the value of your posts.

As a general rule of thumb, videos get more engagement on social media, so try to post videos whenever possible. While having videos isn't as important as just posting regularly, it is a good idea to create interesting and engaging videos. One way to consistently create videos is to create a weekly video series showing some aspect of your business. Video testimonials can be more persuasive than quotes in your captions, so maybe consider finding satisfied customers to create quick testimonial videos and then edit them together.

Finally, asking customers to "like, comment, and share" is a good way to expand your reach and increase your engagement. This can be incentivized by telling people to "like, comment, and share for a chance to win ___" or can rely solely on customers enjoying your content.

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