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What to Post on Your Business’s Social Media Page

In an earlier blog post I covered how to post high quality content on a business’s social media. I covered things like captions; the benefits of videos over photos, and requesting likes, comments, and shares. However, I did not specifically cover WHAT to post. My goal with this post is to offer a simple, yet effective strategy to never run out of things to post. My strategy consists of four main things that can be iterated upon to never run out of engaging content:

1) New offerings
2) Happy customers
3) Business events
4) Deals and promotions

New offerings

One of the best things that companies can post on their social media pages is any new offerings that they may have. Whether it’s a car dealership with a new model, a construction company with a new roofing material, or a restaurant with a new dish, new products make for fantastic content! Not only do they create value for customers, but they also can fill at least one of a business’s posts every week.

Even if it isn’t a new product, anything that may have been out of stock previously or anything that customers are showing great interest in can make for great content.

Happy customers

Every good business should have satisfied customers, and they offer a great way to spread positive awareness. A business can toot their own horn every day, but what truly gives new customers confidence in a business is positive reviews from real people. This can be achieved in two ways.

1- Posting pictures of happy customers directly to the business’s page.
2- Sharing posts from customers’ pages.

When posting pictures of happy customers, it is very important to have consent. Taking pictures without consent can lead to unnecessary headaches and disgruntled customers. Just ask nicely and customers will likely say yes.
While pictures directly on the business page are good, pictures shared from customers’ personal accounts are even better. This will increase exposure beyond those that follow the business page and will add more credibility to the positive review. Just like when asking for a picture, the best way to get people to post shareable content would be to just ask. Explain how helpful it would be and people will say yes at least enough to have some content.

Business events

Business events, while not as common as customer testimonials or product-related posts, can be extremely effective at gaining exposure. For example, if a boat dealer were going to a boat show, they could post about the event in the weeks leading up to it, so that followers will come to support. On the day of the event, posts should use geotags and hashtags to make them relevant to others in attendance. Geotags essentially just add posts to a list of any other posts from the same area at the same time and Facebook’s algorithms will suggest them to users who may be interested.

Deals and promotions

While arguably more suitable for Facebook ads, deals and promotions are a great thing to post on social media. They are enticing to customers and can add value to any business’s page. While they must be financially feasible for the company offering them, deals can greatly impact the reach and effectiveness of a business’s posts. Posting something as simple as “10% off lunch special Thursday 11-3!” can entice new customers and make previous customers into repeat buyers.

These four ideas can provide a sustainable source of content for any business. When coupled with my previous post’s tips on creating high-quality content, these ideas can draw new likes to any page and increase customer engagement with posts. If you would like Seven1 to help manage your business’s social media, click below to schedule a FREE meeting with me and discuss how I can help improve your online presence!

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